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Keywords: Plasticity
Downloads: 4
[texts]A comparison of Atterberg and Rigidense tests for the measure of plasticity - Jaffe, Gilbert
Cover tite
Keywords: Plasticity
Downloads: 184
[audio]Null Plasticity
Null Plasticity
Keywords: Null Plasticity
Downloads: 10
[texts]Atterberg plastic limits of clay minerals (Volume Report of Investigations No. 144) - White, William Arthur
"An expanded part of a thesis on "The properties of clays" submitted ... for the degree of master of science in the ... University of Illinois."
Keywords: Clay; Plasticity
Downloads: 67
[texts]Solvent extract and the plastic properties of coal (Volume Information circular / Illinois State Geological Survey ; [no. 288]) - Pierron, Emile Desire
Bibliography: p. 11
Keywords: Coal; Plasticity
Downloads: 73
[texts]Il pensiero di Feuerstein alla luce delle neuroscienze cognitive - gianpaolo pegoretti
Tesi di dottorato in Scienze della Cognizione, Università Ca'Foscari di Venezia
Keywords: brain plasticity, intelligenza; intelligenza
Downloads: 18
[texts]Inelastic design of load carrying members (Volume 3-5) - University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign campus). Dept. of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
Cover title
Keywords: Materials; Materials; Plasticity
Downloads: 331
[texts]Statement to 101st Congress - Odom, James B
In an address to the Senate Subcommittee on Science, Technology, and Space - Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, NASA's recent accomplishments on the Space Station Freedom Program are discussed. The address is divided into the following sections: introduction; program status: recent accomplishments and 1989 activities; budget request for fiscal year 1990; activities supported by fiscal year 1990 funding; commercialization; the space station manpower problem; and conclusions.
Downloads: 50
[texts]The general relations for flow in solids and their application to the plastic behavior of tire cords. (Volume no.134) - Lyons, W. James

Keywords: Plasticity. Tire fabrics
Downloads: 17
[audio]Bodies in Movement Seminar with Catherine Malabou - Kamillea Aghtan, Michael O'Rourke, Karin Sellberg
One day seminar with Catherine Malabou at the Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Edinburgh. Monday, 21 January 2013. In the morning, Catherine Malabou presented some of her latest research in a lecture entitled "Epigeneses of Reason". The afternoon session featured responses to selected readings from a variety of disciplinary locations including philosophy, theology, literature, visual culture, gender studies and queer theory...
Keywords: Malabou; Kant; epigenesis; plasticity
Downloads: 213
[texts]Miniature airplanes - Warner, Edward
The present report will treat only the smallest airplanes equipped with engines. The two types discussed are those airplanes with the smallest dimensions, and those that have the smallest power requirements.
Downloads: 85
[texts]Mathematical model for predicting anisotropic effects in plasticity - Langner, Carl Gottlieb
Keywords: Plasticity; Anisotropy; Strains and stresses
Downloads: 165
[texts]Plasticity theory for granular media - Seereeram, Devo
Keywords: Sand; Plasticity; Particles; Soils--Testing
Downloads: 320
[texts]Ductile fracture by development of surfaces of unstable cavity expansion (Volume 76C) - Berg, C.A.
Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards
Keywords: Ductile fracture; plasticity; void growth
Downloads: 48
[texts]On some geometrical nonlinear theories for the plastic bending, stretching and buckling of sandwich plates - Monzel, Fred Jacob
Manuscript copy
Keywords: Sandwich construction; Elastic plates and shells; Plasticity
Downloads: 148
[texts]Apprendere L'intelligenza - gianpaolo pegoretti
Argomento centrale del libro è il confronto tra il lavoro di Reuven Feuerstein, ossia la Modificabilità Cognitiva Strutturale e l'Esperienza di apprendimento Mediato, con gli studi neuroscientifici. Tramite tale confronto vengono valutati i limiti e la portata delle teorie di Feuerstein, rielaborandole in coerenza con le ricerche sul cervello. Inoltre sono messi in discussione i significati di apprendimento e cognizione, soprattutto in relazione alla possibilità di modificare l'intelligenza...
Keywords: Metodo Feuerstein; brain plasticity; neuroscience; intelligenza
Downloads: 167
[movies]Michael Greicius: Plasticity in Resting-State Networks
2009 Advances in Resting-State fMRI symposium, Stanford University.
Keywords: resting state; fMRI; clinical; plasticity; network
Downloads: 342
[texts]Effects of a soap, a detergent, and a water softener on the plasticity of earth materials (Volume Environmental Geology Notes, Volume 12) - White, William Arthur
Cover title
Keywords: Plasticity; Waste disposal in the ground
Downloads: 131
[texts]Schaum's Theory and Problems of Continuum Mechanics - George E. Mase
George E. Mase Schaum's Theory and Problems of Continuum Mechanics McGraw-Hill 1970 Acrobat 7 Pdf 11.8 Mb. Scanned by artmisa using Canon DR2580C + flatbed option
Keywords: Stress; Strain; Motion; Elasticity; Fluids; Plasticity
Downloads: 4,123
[texts]Calculated effects of geometric dihedral on the low-speed rolling derivatives of swept wings - Queijo, M J
No Abstract Available
Downloads: 87
[texts]CHJV 04 I 01 P 0027 - YADAV JANESHWAR 1, PATHAK R.K. 2 and YADAV ANKIT
The water quality is an index of health and is one of the area of major concern to environmentalists, since industrilisation, urbanization and modern agriculture practices have a direct impact on the water resources. The  investigation was carried out to study the water as well as locked soil of segwal reservoir of Badwani, M.P. India. The change in physico chemical parameters of water such as water temperature, ph, turbidity, transparency, total hardness, Ca hardness, Mg hardness, alkalinity, ...
Keywords: Physico-chemical parameters; locked soil; chloride content; alkalinity; hardness; plasticity
Downloads: 3
[texts]Axonal interactions between fetal spinal cord transplants and the adult rat spinal cord - Jakeman, Lyn Burrell
Keywords: Research; Neuronal Plasticity; Spinal Cord--transplantation; Axons--growth
Downloads: 141
[texts]A note on construction of the equivalent plastic strain increment (Volume 76C) - Berg, C.A.
Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards
Keywords: Equivalent strain; hardening; plasticity; strain hardening; work hardening
Downloads: 134
[audio]Brain plasticity – Groks Science Show 2013-10-16 - Chenan Zhang
Our prior belief of the brain as a static and unchanging organ is being replaced by a new understanding of the versatility of the brain throughout life. Brain plasticity, which involves changes occurring in our brain that allow us to learn and function in response to new experiences, happens not only early in life but also in adulthood, as well as in response to traumatic brain injury. Dr. Michael Merzenich, professor emeritus of neuroscience at the University of California, San Francisco, joins...
Keywords: Groks; Groks science show; Brain plasticity; Michael Merzenich; Cognition
Downloads: 1,644
[texts]Reliability and utility of transcranial magnetic stimulation to assess activity-dependent plasticity in human stroke - Malcolm, Matthew Paul
Keywords: Evoked Potentials, Motor; Neuronal Plasticity; Motor Cortex; Motion Therapy, Continuous Passive--methods; Cerebrovascular Accident
Downloads: 15
[texts]Emily Carr, Plasticity of the Brain, Science 201 (week 10) - Patrick Bruskiewich
The week ten notes titled the Plasticity of the Brain, for Science 201, Vision Perception and Science taught by the author at the Emily Carr Institute for Art and Design (refer to Science 201 Course Outline).
Keywords: Emily Carr Institute for Art and Design; Science 201; Plasticity of the Brain
Downloads: 86
[texts]Theory of disclinations: III. Continuous and discrete disclinations in isotropic elasticity (Volume 77A) - deWit, Roland
Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards
Keywords: Burgers vector; continuum mechanics; defect; disclination; dislocation; distortion; Green's tensor; incompatibility; plasticity; strain
Downloads: 198
[texts]Theory of disclinations: II. Continuous and discrete disclinations in anisotropic elasticity (Volume 77A) - deWit, R.
Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards
Keywords: Burgers vector; continuum mechanics; defect; dipole; disclination; dislocation; distortion; Green's tensor; incompatibility; loop; plasticity; strain; Volterra
Downloads: 209
[texts]Spiking Neural Networks As Continuous-Time Dynamical Systems: Fundamentals, Elementary Structures And Simple Applications
In this article is presented a very simple and effective analog spiking neural network simulator, realized with an event-driven method, taking into account a basic biological neuron parameter: the spike latency. Also, other fundamentals biological parameters are considered, such as subthreshold decay and refractory period. This model allows to synthesize neural groups able to carry out some substantial functions...
Keywords: Neuron; Spiking Neural Network (SNN); Latency; Event-Driven; Plasticity; Threshold; Neuronal Group Selection; SNN classifier
Downloads: 89
[audio]Investigating Healthy Minds-- Groks Science Show 2014-03-12 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Most people would agree that a biological understanding of mental illness is an important effort and, accordingly, it is widely pursued. But how often do you hear about researchers investigating positive qualities such as mindfulness, compassion, and creativity? Today we'll talk with Dr. Richard Davidson, neuroscience professor at the University of Wisconsin and director of the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds...
Keywords: Brain plasticity; Mental health; meditation; Buddhism; compassion; mindfulness; brain imaging; neuroscience; Richard Davidson
Downloads: 1,264
[texts]Theory of disclinations: IV. Straight disclinations (Volume 77A) - deWit, Roland
Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards
Keywords: Burgers vector; continuum mechanics; defect; dipole; disclination; dislocation; distortion; Green's tensor; incompatibility; loop; plasticity; strain; Volterra
Downloads: 243
[texts]Elastic and plastic stability of geometrically orthotropic spherical shells - Gerard, G.
Elastic and plastic stability of orthotropic spherical shells
Downloads: 156
[audio]Fire together, wire together -- Groks Science Show 2013-01-02
There may be 20 billion neurons in your brain but that isn't nearly enough to allow each cell to hold its own unique bit of information. Rather, the information stored and processed by your brain is maintained in spatially and temporally defined networks. These networks can refine themselves over time and the connections between neurons in these networks strengthen with use and wither with disuse. Dr...
Keywords: Groks; networks; Jason MacLean; Hebb; Hebbian; Shatz; modeling; theoretical; neuron; sleep; memory; plasticity
Downloads: 2,057
[texts]Flight determination of wing and tail loads on a fighter-type airplane by means of strain-gage measurements - Aiken, William S , J
No Abstract Available
Downloads: 109
[texts]PNAS 2002 Sparks Franz Boas Cranial Study Debunked
PNAS 2002 Sparks Franz Boas Cranial Study Debunked
Keywords: Franz Boas; physical anthropology; scientific fraud; cultural anthropology; cranial measurements; plasticity; skull
Downloads: 6
[texts]Rectangular-wind-tunnel blocking corrections using the velocity-ratio method - Hensel, Rudolph
No Abstract Available
Downloads: 159
[audio]diffusion2008-10-27 - The Diffusion Team
nano-physics, doctoral dancing and pubs Ian Woolf speaks with physicist Michael Ford about how to make matter do whatever you wish, Marc West goes on a pub crawl of science-related London Pubs, News by Marc West and Ian Woolf, - doctoral dancing - plastic brain factor Presented by Nick Evershed, Produced by Ian Woolf
Keywords: science; computation; computer; nanotechnology; nano; physics; physicist; matter; nano-physics; electrons; interview; pub; pubs; dancing; plasticity; neurological; brain
Downloads: 1,864
[texts]The wing with a pointed tip - Prondzynski, Stephan
In airplane construction generally one finds an almost exclusive use of wing tips that are practically square end but occasionally those with large rounded tips. For use as a cantilever wing, however, a wing with pointed tips may contain valuable aerodynamic advantages.
Downloads: 86
[texts]BSTJ 11: 1. January 1932: Some Physical Properties of Wiping Solders. (McLean, D.A.; Peek, R.L., Jr.; Schumacher, E.E.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 11: 1. January 1932 pp 101-125. Some Physical Properties of Wiping Solders. (McLean, D.A.; Peek, R.L., Jr.; Schumacher, E.E.)
Keywords: solder; solders; log; plasticity; wiping; equation; sample; values; porosity; liquid; bell system; particle size; sample height; technical journal; wiping solders; system technical; solid phase; physical properties; liquid phase; standard deviation
Downloads: 42
[texts]Aging and N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors - Mitchell, Josephine Jean
Keywords: Research; Receptors, N-Methyl-D-Aspartate--ultrastructure; Receptors, N-Methyl-D-Aspartate--physiology; Aging; Cell Aging; Neuronal Plasticity; Brain--physiology; Brain Chemistry; Glutamic Acid--physiology; Age Factors; Rats, Inbred F34
Downloads: 69
[texts]mit :: ai :: aim :: AITR-1455
From the collection, a scanned-in computer-related :: ai :: aim :: AITR-1455
Keywords: target; map; activity; learning; synaptic; neurons; aplysia; response; input; mechanisms; map formation; action potential; input activity; target activity; associative learning; synaptic plasticity; transmitter release; topographic map; activity pattern; lateral connections
Downloads: 41
[movies]The Science of Sin and Salvation (Part 12) - "Our Salvation: Do We Have a Part to Play?"
The Science of Sin and Salvation (Part 12) - "Our Salvation: Do We Have a Part to Play?"Ideas from Robert Melashenko regarding how scientific observations might reflect how sin destroys and how God restores. Part 12 discusses what people need to do in order for God to be able to correct the genome.
Keywords: Robert; Bob; Melashenko; Science; Sin; Salvation; Christ; heterochromatin; transposable; mobile; genetic; elements; miRNA; DNA; law; grace; faith; works; sanctification; justification; righteous; God; epigenetic; retrotransposons; Holy; Spirit; legalism; self; control; diet; consumer; decision; making; Sabbath; stress; anxiety; plasticity; regulation; environmental; transposon; transcription; brain
Downloads: 31
[audio]Exemplary Rocks - Kellie Robertson, University of Wisconsin-Madison,
Featured Talk delivered by Kellie Robertson for "Animal, Vegetable, Mineral: Ethics and Objects in the Early Modern and Medieval Periods" Conference, hosted by George Washington University's Medieval and Early Modern Studies Institute @George Washington University, 11-12 April 2011.
Keywords: Chaucer (Parliament of Fowls); Petrification; Mineralized Poet; Lithic Vitalism; Inorganic Exemplary; Physics/Ethics; Man-Mineral Assemblages; Plasticity; Dialogic Subject-Making (Catherine Malabou); Object-Oriented Philosophy (Graham Harman); Magnetics; Albertus Magnus; Art/Nature Dyadism; John Dryden; Enlightenment Literary History; Possible (Mineral) Bodies; Chaucer Pebble (British Museum)
Downloads: 68
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